A writer’s busy life.

Writers have very busy lives.  I had no idea how busy until I decided to write full-time.

1.  You need to constantly work on your WIP (work in progress, for non-writers).

2.  Create and post regularly to your blog and/or website or both.

3.  You need to join the best social media sites to promote yourself and build your brand.

4.  Join Wattpad to start gaining a readership.  AND write stories for that, too!

5.  Keep up with what’s trending so you don’t miss out on any opportunities that could give you an edge.

6.  Tweet on a regular basis AND follow people so you don’t look like a jerk with no followers.

7.  Post to Facebook regularly to keep that audience happy.

8.  Pin it on Pinterest.

9.  Read it on Reddit to gain “karma points”.

10.  Find interesting things to add to your StumbleUpon profile.  This is one of the best sites to grow your audience, believe it or not.

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Creating Characters in Fiction

In an earlier post Character Building– Why is JUSTIFIED justified in fiction writing I wrote about character traits.  Today I’d like to delve a little deeper.

Characters are the most important element of a novel.  Today I will be concentrating mainly on the protagonist, but the same development is necessary for all of your characters.  Even the victims!  Creating a back story for the dead is done differently.  I’ll write about that in a future post.  (You can follow this blog by clicking the follow button at the bottom so you don’t miss it.)

If the protagonist is two-dimensional or a cardboard-cutout no one will care what kind of trouble the get themselves into, or how they get themselves out of a sticky situation.  Creating that perfect character means giving them flaws, mannerisms, speech pattern, job, style of dress, emotions, appearance, etc…

Google images

He’s obviously a bad ass.

Google image

He seems shy and introverted, but studious.

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A Week From Hell

This past week was a nightmare.  My four-legged baby, Gideon– you met him in an earlier post, My Sweet Boys.  Sorry my link button broke, but you can find it this way: http://wp.me/p4nA7d-5J .  Anyway, Gideon started to get picky about what he ate.  He has an auto-immune disease, a protein deficiency disease, so we figured he was having a flare-up.  We bought all of his favorite foods…

polite squirrelGoog

Still, he wouldn’t eat much.  He’d just pick.  But we were hopeful that it would pass.

Denial State - Clean

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My Sweet Boys

Today I thought I’d introduce you to my family.  My husband, Bob, I’ve spoken about in past posts, but my furry four-legged sons I haven’t. At least, not in detail.

Bob and I used to have eight Rottweilers. Yes, eight! In a nine-hundred square foot house. It was a crazy time. A time I cherish but a time I would never repeat.  Well, I have mixed emotions on that subject because each one of them enriched my life.  Each one had their own personality and characteristics.  So I am glad we did it, but now I’m too old to have that many dogs again. Yes, that is more accurate.

We started with Odin.  By the way, some of these names I’ve used in my novels.  Then Bob said he always dreamed of having two Rottweilers.  Plus, if we both left the house they’d have each other and not be lonely.  That thinking was what up’d the number to eight!  So along came Sydney, for Odin.

We bought a house and figured why not get another one.  I love puppy breath and having a baby in the house so that was what pushed us into that decision.  And along came Lexi.  Well, Lexi needed a playmate because now Odin and Sydney were two years old.  So, Levaughn came home.  When Lexi and Levaughn got old enough to breed we figured, “Hey, let’s have puppies!”

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