Test Your Story’s Opening Line– Fiction Writing

I’m taking a masters class through Writers Village and I thought I’d share with you the “secret formula” to your opening lines.

It’s called the Hologram test.  What is the Hologram test?  It’s a golden rule that the first 100 words of your novel be a hologram, a teasing but true sample of the wares to come.

So how can you make sure your story passes this all-important test and wins the hearts of readers?

Here are 3 simple ways:

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When is a writer an author?

When does a writer make the leap to author?

This is a question I’ve pondered for years.  I know what “they” say.  By “they” I assume it means industry standards.  They say a writer becomes an author once they become published.  OK, let’s use that standard.  Does that mean traditionally published or self-published?


First let me say I am not bashing self-publishing.  I’ve thought about it many times myself.  Please do not take this as an attack because it’s NOT.

So, you stay a “writer” until you get a book deal from a publisher.  OK.  Well, what if it’s a brand new publisher that no one has ever heard of?  Does that count?  Obviously if you’re lucky enough to get a deal from one of the “Big 5″ you have definitely morphed from writer to author.  But why?  Because you were in the right place at the right time? Continue reading

New Authors Blog– Prose & Cons are breaking out!

Today is the day folks!

Our new authors blog, Prose & Cons on Blogger launches today.  The Prose Cons are authors, literary agents, publishers, book reviewers and editors– books start with us.  We read them, we write them, edit them, print and promulgate them, and review them.  And we blog about them, on Prose & Cons.  We are confident you will find the perspectives interesting and informative.

Who are the Prose Cons?  Go to:  http://www.auniqueandportablemagic.blogspot.com today and find out!

This is a very exciting day!

We all have worked very hard to create the best possible viewing experience for everyone.

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The site will be up and running later this morning.   See you there!

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, book reviewers and editors–books start with us. We read them, write them, edit them, print and promulgate them, and review them. And we blog about them, on Prose&Cons. We are confident you will find the variety of perspectives interesting and informative.