Country Music Is Like Fiction Writing

On my way to the vet this morning to pick up Gideon’s medicine, this song came over the stereo.  I love Tim McGraw so I turned up the volume, blared it as loud as possible.  As I sang along (come on, you know you all do it, too) something occurred to me.

Country music and fiction writing are not all that different.

I couldn’t wait to get home and share this revelation with you.  I wrote the song as I would a story to see if my thought held true.  If you didn’t know this song, wouldn’t you think it was a short story?  Albeit, a very short one.

If we pick it apart you can clearly see that the tenses change between simple past, present, and pluperfect, there’s passive voice here and there, and hopefully your characters don’t always say the same thing over and over– but you get the point.

Now for the great unveiling…


This song is entitled, “Somebody Must Be Prayin’ For Me” by Tim McGraw.

She left Oklahoma for California, sunglasses on the brim of her hat.  Smoke was pourin’ from that old Cadillac, but she wasn’t turnin’ back.  Just outside of Flagstaff, the motor blew on her Coupe De Ville.  Just in time she saw a sign.  There was a Texaco waitin’ at the bottom of the hill.

And she said, “Somebody must be prayin’ for me.  Somebody out there must be prayin’ for me.  Must be angels I can’t see.  Somebody must be prayin’ for me… yeah.”

A boy about twenty climbs out of his truck all covered in grease and dirt.

She said, “Hey, Charles.”

But he just laughed.  He said, “I’m wearing my daddy’s shirt.”

He stood there lost in her eyes.  Then she got lost in his.

As the years roll by, she would sigh every time they kissed.  And she’d say, “Somebody must be prayin’ for me.  Somebody out there must be prayin’ for me.  Must be angels I can’t see.  Somebody must be prayin’ for me.”

Sometimes she stares out the window and wonders about her Hollywood dreams.  But when she tucks her kids in bed, she softly whispers as they fall asleep,  “Somebody must be prayin’ for me.  Somebody out there must be prayin’ for me.  Ain’t it funny that you always find just what you need.  Somebody must be prayin’ for me.”

Somebody must be prayin’ for me…  prayin’ for me… yeah.

Who woulda thunk it?  Maybe I’m the last person to make this connection, I don’t know.  I found it fascinating.

Since I’ve just made this incredible realization I don’t know if it works with other types of music– hard rock, soft rock, metal, rap, hip hop, etc…  I’m betting it does with R&B, though.

To end this post with a little humor…   Humans are not the only ones who like to sing…

Thank you, Google, for the images.

singfrogGimage singing-stoat Gimage singing

musicalSquirrel GimagelionsingGwolvesSingGI

Honestly, there were so many to pick from I could’ve easily filled an entire post with just animals singing.

My question today is:  What songs are most like fiction to you?  Don’t forget to include the song title, artist’s name and what kind of music it is.

Yesterday was a little disappointing, but I’m still hopeful you’ll take part– :)

Happy Easter, and God Bless!


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8 thoughts on “Country Music Is Like Fiction Writing

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  2. Sue, funny post. Right off the top of my head – Meatloaf’s Paradise By the Dashboard Light – rock. It is a story with dialogue between a boy and girl. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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